Tips for updating, improving or ignoring when it comes to personal style.


Pull it All Together. A crisp white pocket square adds the perfect finishing touch.  For the James Bond look, fold it neatly with just the edge showing and not puffing upwards like feathers.


The Weekend Bag. Traveling in style means ditching your old gym bag. The weekend bag has earned a new status as the must-have carry all. Grab a sturdy, leather or canvas duffel and pack for your last-minute getaway.

Briefcases. Why clumsily carry things in your hand when you can conceal them in a sleekly designed briefcase? With a nod to tradition, shows not only your serious, professional side, but your stylish one as well. Definitely worth the upgrade from your backpack.


Belt It. Your belt collection is probably full of black belts, but its time you found the perfect brown one.  A slim tobacco colored belt with a classic buckle is deal for the office.


Pop of Color. Argyle socks add an instant pop to any look. Make sure the underlying color tones in the argyle pattern work with your suit or choice of trouser. Brown with brown and gray, black with black and navy.


A Sharper Look. Because at some point, you’re going to take off your jacket.  One of the best things about a fitted dress shirt is it looks great on its own.

Go to Proper Lengths. Make sure your dress shirt cuffs fit correctly and have your suit sleeves tailored so they show a bit of cuff.


Take a Softer Approach. When looking for the perfect hair styling gel, try something with less hold that looks more natural.  Leave-in conditioners and pomades often do the trick.

The Right Cut. Only go for hairstyles that suit your face and features. Just because the faux hawk is in style one season, it doesn’t mean a man with a long face should necessarily wear it.

It Makes Perfect Scents. As the seasons change, update your scent.  Put away your lighter fragrances as the winter approaches and go with a fragrance that has a bit more depth and complexity.

Get in the Habit. Try to use a good face lotion at least a few times a week, especially if you’re out late at night enjoying cocktails.  Stay hydrated and fight the changing seasons by protecting your face.


Terrible Towels. When guests sleep over do you hand them a scratchy towel with a football logo on it?   If so, it’s time for an upgrade.  Buy a matching set of top quality towels and make sure to stay away from synthetic fabrics that just push water away instead of absorbing it.  Neutral colors like light grey, beige and white are chic and minimal.


Go Dark and Dressy. It’s ok to wear to jeans on dressier occasions, just make sure they’re dark wash and have no distressing.


The Overcoat. When adding an outerwear layer you don’t have to sacrifice style.  Pick an overcoat that fits precisely and has just enough room underneath for a suit.  Make sure it’s not too long, ¾ length at the most.

March Forward. When buying a navy pea coat jacket, make sure it’s well fitted and not too bulky to get that confident, military inspired look.


Lighten Up. Its time to take a break from your heavy denim jeans and instead opt for all-around, put-together pant: the lightweight spring trouser.  Find a pair that is flat front with a slimmer leg in a lighter neutral color – they’ll soon become a favorite item in your wardrobe.


Take that Extra Step. Instead of wearing one pair of shoes until they fall off your feet, have 5-6 pairs that you rotate through.  Take good care of them and always use shoe trees.

An Instant Classic. Come spring, your footwear should be as lightweight as your clothes.  White canvas sneakers are refined and timeless.

Sandals. There’s nothing that welcomes warm weather better than a great pair of sandals or flip flops – the perfect accompaniment to your new lightweight trousers.  Find a pair in chocolate brown leather or simple black rubber and remember to prep your feet.

Change it Up. Lighten your spring look and slip on a pair of chocolate brown lace ups. Leave your heavy black shoes reserved for more formal occasions.

The Perfect Storm Boot. Everyone should own a nice pair of winter boots, keep them by the door and slip them on for a last second trip to the store.  Lined for warmth and comfort.  L.L. Bean 10” Boots with shearling liner.


Rat Pack Chic. For a timeless, classic look pair a tailored sports jacket with a white dress shirt and skinny black tie.  A small, understated, silver tie clip finishes the look.

Sport the Right Jacket This Winter. A well-fitted sports jacket is a must have item in any man’s closet.  Make sure it has a modern cut and leave the gold buttons at home.


The Perfect Tee. A comfortable, ringer tee shirt is a great way to start any look.  You can wear them with just about anything, under a cardigan or lightweight v-neck sweater or alone with your favorite pair of jeans and white sneakers on a warm day.  The fit is crucial, not too long in the arm sleeves and close to the body on the sides.


Well Layered. A lightweight v-neck sweater is a highly versatile item ideal for the sometimes chilly, sometimes warm months of spring. Wear a white tee shirt underneath for a more casual look or dress it up with a white dress shirt and skinny tie.  Soft cashmere in lighter colors are always a good choice.

Zip it Up, or Down. A beautiful zip front cardigan is a winter must have.  Dress it up with a dress shirt, tie and flat front trousers or down with jeans and a tee shirt. 

Cardigans. Update your spring look without breaking the bank by adding versatile items.  Layer a A zip front cardigan underneath your suit jacket and leave the heavy overcoat at home.  Also a great weekend item when worn with jeans and a classic white tee shirt.


Show it Off. Remember that two button suits show more of your dress shirt and tie, subtly elongating your look.

Go Gray. Instead of buying a third navy or black suit, try a gray suit.  It’s easy to wear, goes with almost every color and can be worn year round.


A Perfect Match. Not all ties go with all collars – know how to pair them.  When wearing a smaller collar dress shirt, opt for a slim tie and tighter knot.


Be Well Traveled. A soft leather billfold is perfect for traveling.  Carry your passport, traveler’s checks and credit cards with ease.


Keys to Watch. Watches should always compliment your attire.  A classic watch with black or white face and understated black leather strap is an ideal match for dark and dressy business suits.



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