A running list of definitions:


The Button Down Collar. The button down collar was invented in England as a sporting shirt since collar points didn’t flap about during movement.  John Brooks, of NY’s Brooks Brothers noticed one while watching a polo match in England in 1900 and sent a sample back.  Since then they have become a prime symbol of the company.

Collars. There are four primary dress shirt collars: The Button-Down–a classic, very American collar best worn with a navy blazer and medium-width tie. The Spread–more dashing, best with a medium to wide tie.  The Long Point – a narrower collar that looks great with narrow to skinny ties.  The Semi-Spread – the versatile, everyman collar, great with medium to skinny ties.

Cuffs. There are four primary dress shirt cuffs: Convertible–The adjustable buttons allow for narrow or wider cuffs. French–The dressiest of the group. Try more subtle cuff links and an open collar.  Single-button-standard–When fitting properly, they should reach the hinge of your wrist. Two-button-barrel–For the guy who wants a shirt with flair.


Oxford. Oxford Cloth: Affordable and hardy. Named after the University. Royal Oxford: Dressier and made of a finer weave. End-on-End: Woven with a white thread and a colored thread in the opposite direction. Broadcloth: lightweight and professional. Perfect with a suit and tie. Chevron: the herringbone pattern, in any two colors, gives you an elegant, dressy look.

Cowhide Leather. Cowhide is a very robust leather from cattle. When looking for rugged shoes, boots, belts and outwear, cowhide is a great choice.  Channel your inner Marlboro Man, without the cigarette.

Super 100’s . Ever wonder what “Super 100” means when buying a suit? The “100” denotes the amount of stitches per one inch of fabric. The higher the number, the finer and more expensive the wool.


Jersey. Not the Garden State, in reference to knit Jersey’s.  The English Channel Island Jersey was famous for its knitting trade in medieval times, and because of that original fame, the name jersey is still applied to multiple forms of knitted fabric.  Also the name for a pullover or sweater.


The Double Windsor. A more fashionable bigger tie knot that is popular in Europe.  Works best with ties that are wider and slightly longer since you need more fabric to tie the knot.  You are essentially double wrapping it to get more volume.  Email me and I can show you how to make it.


Rise of the Trouser. The rise of a trouser indicates the length of the fly, between the crotch of your trouser and the waistline. A shorter rise makes your trousers sit lower on your hips while a longer rise makes them sit higher. Breaks.  Find your preference: Full break–the bottom of hem covers the heel of the shoe for the most coverage. Medium break–falls to the middle of the heel.  No break-falls to the top of the heel.


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