July is that time of year when many publishers tighten the belt and do a double issue, so you’ve no doubt seen a few of these covers already. What is curious to note is how Men’s Journal puts out 12 issues a year at famously stingy Wenner Media, while Esquire does a June/July combo. Here are the cover stars: Interview with Alex Skarsgard for True Blood, Men’s Journal with Kid Rock (would be interesting to see who didn’t make their list), Men’s Health with Stephen Moyer for True Blood in a rarer July/August combo, GQ with a sharp looking Chris Evans for the promising Captain America, Esquire with Bradley Cooper for Hangover 2, Details with Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern, and last, but certainly not least, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looking spectacular on the cover of Maxim for that movie. Who did it best this month?

Category: Covers, Magazines.

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