This is a publication that unabashedly goes after every demographic in the south. Both men and women can read and appreciate this magazine, kind of like the Vanity Fair of Charleston. Love the smell of soil and fresh cut grass? Check. Have a 12 point buck in your gun site? Check. Garden & Gun, “The Soul of the South,” is a real magazine, and it looks pretty damn good upon first read. Great food, top hunting locations, images of spectacular estates, reader-submitted lovable dog photos and yes, plenty of gardening. There is a pureness and honesty to Garden & Gun – like an attainable, less stodgy version of Town & Country. It is routed firmly in the spirit of the south, as this story would make any mom in Brooklyn choke on her chai latte:

“A Taste for the Hunt: A boy acquires a profound appreciation for the hunt.”


The magazine is well designed and features great photography:


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