If you’re in New York City this weekend, December 13-15th, stop by the Capsule Market Square pop-up shop at 82 Mercer Street in Soho. They’ll be featuring 100+ great brands, including Billy Reid, Mark McNairy, Armor Lux and one of my favorite new Swedish brands Stutterheim. I’ll be showing my Fahlgren winter collection of ski sweaters, scarves and ties. Please make sure to say hi if you make it. It kicks off tonight 4-9pm, and continues through Sunday.




A lot has been written about newcomer Suitsupply since they brought their brand of no-frills, easy and affordable tailoring to the U.S. from Amsterdam. So I decided to give it a try and see what the buzz is all about. Located up a steep flight of stairs at 453 Broome Street in Soho, the design of the store is wide open and simple to navigate. One giant wall of shirts, one wall for ties and a long sweeping presentation of suits, with “casual wear” mixed in on the floor. Unlike traditional retailers who carry multiple brands, everything you see (more…)


By Leo Parker, London Contributor.


The fine art of tailoring is, lamentably, a skill which is increasingly being pushed to the fringes of fashion due to a demand for high quantity, low quality clothing. Budd Shirt Makers of Piccadilly Arcade in West London are an example of a tailor who is helping to stem the tide with their selection of expertly tailored dress shirts and accessories. Dressing London’s sartorial elite for over a century now, Budd are a prime example that you don’t need to have an all-encompassing presence on the high street in order to be successful. Located in the same small store from which they began their (more…)



The decision to expand from a small brick and mortar retail shop to include an online shopping function is a harrowing step for any company. Just ask juggernaut H&M, who’s plans to sell online have been famously and routinely delayed. The extra hours needed to handle a long list of responsibilities is daunting: photographing products, writing smart copy, perfect packaging, timely shipping, and handling returns. And all too often, the actual design of the website doesn’t match up to the branding and vision of the real thing.

So it’s exciting and highly encouraging when someone takes that leap of faith, and does it the right way, as is the case with one of the best small shops in America, Modern Anthology. (more…)


During a recent GQ party at the Brooks Brothers flatiron store I spent a few minutes snapping pictures of my favorite design elements. And there were tons of them. It can be a massive challenge for iconic brands like Brooks Brothers to stay current, as if anything beyond navy blazers and madras trousers might cause ol’ grandpa to grab the martini shaker. But with the addition of the flatiron store, which opened last fall, Brooks Brothers has passed the cool test with bright flying colors. The store feels younger and fresher, with prep classics (more…)


Here’s a great example of superior windows: the new Moscot eye wear store in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. It reads like a trophy case featuring the “Moscot Sun World Champions 2012” – a collection of moody, beautiful characters who look like offspring from an Addams Family – Royal Tenenbaum’s tryst. Well conceived and perfectly executed, this new shop looks right at home in a neighborhood that values hip originality. Here’s the full squad: (more…)


This clever video deftly captures the functional spirit of the “Courier Ruc Case” by J. Panther Luggage Co. I spoke with the founder and designer of the company, Johnny Diamandis, to find out more about his new company, the importance of being Made in the USA and what the plans for the future are. If you are a fledgling designer, or creative type who appreciates well-made products, Johnny is a good person to hear from.


How important is being made in the USA to your brand and business strategy?

It’s very relevant. All business start up fashion brands should have as close a relationship as possible with their factories in my view, as without that, it would be equivalent to being a chef without access to the kitchen. I can jump on a train and be in Connecticut in an hour or two to go over details and construction or other issues and be back in NY in the afternoon. This level of collaboration with our makers is critical to us in that we (more…)


A lot of retail websites don’t do justice the actual store, but in the case of Stag in Austin, Texas, they’ve nailed it. Using illustrations, hand-drawn logos and an earthy, outdoor color palette, they’ve captured the authenticity and vintage aesthetic that they clearly look for in their mix of brands. They also happen to be having a great sale right now so don’t hesitate checking it out: Stag, Austin. My two favorite items: (more…)


Many sportswear brands like to play up their close relationship with the great outdoors, but most of them will always be a fashion brand first, outdoor apparel company a distant second. Helly Hansen founded in 1877 and based in Oslo, Norway is the exact opposite, with clothing and gear designed around specific rigorous action sports, with function always trumping style and form. You can spot their foul-weather fishing gear on Deadliest Catch and in films, The Perfect Storm. So if you wake up one day and decide you’d like to sign up as a rookie crab fisherman on the Cornelia Marie, sail around to world in a dangerous yachting race, or go heli-skiing in British Columbia, this is the brand for you. Our favorite item: (more…)


Clean, classic and straightforward, Moncler’s website sells an aspirational lifestyle as much as it does expensive winter parkas. While aligning itself with Verbier, Switzerland, one of the top mountain destinations in the world, Moncler puts itself amongst chic company and legitimizes the technical attributes of it’s collection through its partnership with the famous ski school. I’ve skid in Verbier and it’s a pretty extraordinary experience. Driving up a dicey switch back road from the valley far down below, you arrive (more…)


On a recent trip to DUMBO while taking my daughter to the new carousel on the water, I stumbled upon Modern Anthology, a men’s shop on Jay Street that is now one of my new favorite stores. The owners have done a terrific job creating the perfect mix of brands, both old and new, across a wide selection of categories: clothing, accessories, grooming, footwear, home decor, lighting,  artwork – you name it. I ended up with a vintage red hand-knit fair isle sweater for $65. Getting an item like that (more…)



One of the top stores I visited while in Stockholm was easily Herr Judit, at Hornstgaten #65, a perfectly edited mix of vintage clothing, bags and accessories, mixed in with newer brands. It was so cleverly put together that I had difficulty telling the new from the old. The layout of the store was impressive, with old wood floors, high ceilings, colorful handkerchiefs strung like nautical flags and other design notes making for a fun and whimsical shopping experience. Here are some highlights: (more…)


Editors Note: Grant Taylor is a man-about-town in San Francisco who will be reporting in from time to time on all things west coast style. Here is his first post:

SAN FRANCISCO: A city with style, but not too concerned with fashion. The Northern California ideal of achieving cool without really trying defines the sartorial spirit of the city by the bay. While in many ways SF is the antithesis of LA, this is still California, and the blight of the hoodie lives on. Casual comfort is the theme, but SF does have an edge up: generic hipster has given way to a more thoughtful, vintage-loving and well-proportioned wardrobe (as evidenced by the only Freeman’s Sporting Club outside NYC, in the Mission District).  It’s easy to dress in lace-up leather boots, hometown Levi’s, and a Pendleton jacket year round in fog city.  (more…)


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