Keep an eye out this week as the bigger March issues start hitting newsstands. This is one of the best covers I’ve seen from GQ. It’s a refreshing, colorful and bold entrance into spring. Featuring the always genuine Paul Rudd, and a reinvented Jennifer Aniston, who’s foul-mouthed, Betty White-like role in last year’s “Horrible Bosses” finally snapped her out of a decade of horrible romantic comedies. Look out for their new upcoming film “Wanderlust,” releasing February 24th.


Putting out a superstar magazine each month takes incredible talent and GQ has been doing it for decades. Led by Jim Nelson, Michael Hainey, Fred Woodward and Jim Moore – perhaps the 4 best editorial minds in publishing. (more…)


This cover for the February issue of W Magazine is a bit perplexing as it looks like it could have been shot in 1994 during the “Interview with a Vampire” craze. Freshly blown out, feathered hair is a risky game plan and it’s a bit surprising that it was approved. “Brad Pitt Hotter Than Ever” & “Spring’s Sexiest Fashion” does little to offset the overall impression that this cover might be better suited for Glamour or Cosmo. Here’s a terrific flashback photo of Mr. Pitt from another 1994 classic, can you guess the movie? (more…)


Monocle Men’s Fashion Market Editor Takeharu Sato is a good person to know of. His work for the incredibly informative and always spot-on international digest covers many emerging brands you have yet to hear of, but should definitely keep an eye on. There is a smart functionality to Monocle’s fashion portfolios, with Mr. Sato largely responsible. Here is a lighthearted and brief interview with Mr. Sato, from the J.Crew website that includes some interesting tidbits, like his favorite city and the 5 things he loves (more…)


Check out this terrific Vanity Fair cover for their just-released February 2012 issue. Shot by Annie Leibovitz, the somewhat dark and brooding cover features Daniel Craig, George Clooney and Matt Damon looking roguish, buttoned-up and laid back. “Let Us Now Quiz Leading Men” promises a revealing look into the actors lives, as they take the famous Proust Questionnaire. No one does timeless, iconic portrait photography better than Leibovitz and VF, and it’s refreshing to see talented leading men be the focus.


When it comes to expanding your knowledge of what it is to be stylish – and that means more than just looking the part, but actually living it – Jay Fielden is at the very top of the list – someone to read, emulate and follow. I had the pleasure of meeting Jay many years ago in Milan while he was Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Vogue, and I the Director of Men’s PR for Prada tasked with coming up with three new front row seats for his team. Of course this was not a problem, anything with Vogue attached to it is well placed at the table. Following the magazines retirement in 2008 there was a quiet period, but fortunately for those who enjoy living well, or at the least like to daydream, Mr. Fielden returned this past summer to a perfectly suited position: the lofty stewardship of Town & Country. Since he took over, the magazine (more…)



This is retail branding at it’s absolute best. For The North Face’s first foray into national broadcast television they chose top mountaineer Jimmy Chin as the face of the brand. He recently discussed the partnership on his blog: “Earlier this year, The North Face came to Camp 4 Collective and asked us to put together a few ideas for a 30-second national broadcast commercial spot. It was The North Face’s first major push into national broadcast TV commercials. There was a lot of pressure to create something amazing, something that would speak to a broad general audience, but still remain authentic to the brand and its core community of climbers, skiers and mountaineers. I wrote out (more…)


Collaborating with ‘real’ people who are influencers is a big trend amongst the more savvy retail brands out there. Shooting a model straight-up for a campaign is becoming somewhat passe, especially in menswear where the evolving tastes of shoppers now puts authenticity and uniqueness over pretty pictures. For a great example, take a look at this smart partnership between Gant Rugger and photographer Noah Emrich, or NOVH. Gant was approached by NOVH and gave him artistic license to shoot a group of hand-picked friends who mean something in the fashion world, from bloggers and writers to photographers and one fashion student – all of course wearing Gant and looking cool on the streets of New York. These are not just NOVH’s friends, they are digitally super-connected individuals who have now become spokesmodels for Gant – most likely for free. Or maybe they got to keep the clothes. Brilliant.  (more…)


This is a publication that unabashedly goes after every demographic in the south. Both men and women can read and appreciate this magazine, kind of like the Vanity Fair of Charleston. Love the smell of soil and fresh cut grass? Check. Have a 12 point buck in your gun site? Check. Garden & Gun, “The Soul of the South,” is a real magazine, and it looks pretty damn good upon first read. Great food, top hunting locations, images of spectacular estates, reader-submitted lovable dog photos and yes, plenty of gardening. There is a pureness and honesty to Garden & Gun – like an attainable, less stodgy version of Town & Country. It is routed firmly in the spirit of the south, as this story would make any mom in Brooklyn choke on her chai latte: (more…)



For the November 2011 covers there are a few surprises: Details going old-school by featuring a male model, David Gandy, and GQ with an impressive rock and roll cover and all music issue. Others are no surprise at all: Maxim going slutty with a bikini clad girl who dragged a garden hose to the beach and Men’s Health featuring biceps and a black tee shirt again, although to be fair, it’s a slightly camouflage shirt if you look really close. Gandy is best known as the face of Dolce Gabbana’s (more…)



The Roots for John Varvatos, May 22, 2011. Awesome.


This is one of the best menswear campaigns you’ll ever see. John Varvatos debuted his first collection back in 1999, and ever since, music has played a key role in the inspiration and designs of his clothing. Shot in black and white by Danny Cinch, the images capture The Roots while traveling as if on tour. The pictures invoke an old-school, Rolling Stones vibe and the clothes work perfectly in tandem with the musicians. Too often in fashion advertising, there is a serious disconnect between the celebrity featured and the clothes themselves – literally an unnatural fit. (more…)



October is one of those covers that magazine’s are not afraid to take chances on by featuring rising stars that you may or may not have heard of. What else could explain Arnie Hammer for Details, Florence Welch for Interview and Yvonne Strahovski looking like a slutty cowgirl for Maxim? The rest come out with guns blazing, including a killer GQ cover with Leonardo DiCaprio looking like Hollywood royalty, Esquire with (more…)



This is one of the coolest and most innovative things I’ve seen in awhile. Meet “Marina,” a 25 foot tall robot blogger clad head to toe in the new Missoni for Target collection who tweets and takes pictures with her giant iPhone. Her Twitter handle reads: “I’m little Marina and I’m a real doll. That’s right, joints, hinges and all. And now, Target and Missoni have hired me to cover their new collection. Amazing!” She has a modest 812 followers, not bad (more…)



Have you seen this video from Lanvin? It took off yesterday after Cathy Horyn of the New York Times gave it props via Twitter. I’m personally not a fan of Pitbull but this video is pretty damn good. The chorus is a rip off of one of my favorite songs growing up, when I first heard club music during a semester abroad in Paris in 1995 – “The Bomb” by the Bucketheads – a far (more…)


It’s become risky not to have a short film accompanying each collection if you’re a fashion designer. Expressing creativity and vision through clothing alone is a thing of the past as retail stores, websites, events, fashion presentations and now, short movies, define a complete, aspirational lifestyle. Take British designer Oliver Spencer’s latest video, a meandering (more…)



With all of the September issues now on newsstands it’s a good time to show them side by side. September is by far the biggest issue of the year for each magazine, with March following a close second. Esquire shows Ryan Gosling cuddling himself, Details has taken a rather innovative approach featuring Ashton Kutcher in coordination with an online-only special issue, GQ with a vibrant and fresh cover featuring Mark Sanchez, Maxim (more…)


September editorials are arriving in force this month. GQ Japan includes a beautiful fall portfolio featuring Burberry Prorsum, shot by photographer Luc Coiffait, with model Bryton Munn. “Prorsum” translates to “Forward” in Latin and is the high-end line of the English luxury fashion house. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the brand (more…)


Missoni has partnered with Target on a limited edition collection available in stores from September 18th through October 22nd. Expect long lines and plenty of hype during fashion week as the Italian luxury brand generates exposure for the collection and for Margherita Missoni, the beautiful 28 year old heir (more…)


Shot by Steven Klein, this season’s Dolce & Gabbana campaign is a bit more gritty, with mud on the ground, chipped, faded walls and a construction site in the background. It does add an air of authenticity to the shoot and the clothes certainly don’t suffer because of it. For more pics: (more…)


Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2011 campaign shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, known for their incredible attention to detail and pursuit of perfection. “The difference between us and other photographers is that we care a lot about appearance,” says Alas. “We spend most of the time in the (more…)

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