A few essentials this summer: tee shirt, shorts, kick ass soap. For an invigorating scent that will bring up memories of past treks through the great outdoors, try Juniper Ridge out of California. We love the brands summer camp simplicity, A+ packaging and story – avid hiker Hall Newbegin founded the company in 1998 at the Berkeley Farmers Market. Using a technique dubbed “Wildcrafting,”  they harvest their aromatics directly from the wild. The end result is a blend of aromas with a depth (more…)



Another standout from GoPro.



Artemare is a small company based in California specializing in beautiful artisanal luxury beach accessories. The paddle set above is crafted in the USA using a mix of no less than five natural hardwoods reclaimed from surfboards  – American walnut wood, teakwood, mahogany wood, purpleheart wood and pine. The result is a stunning set of paddles that could just as easily be displayed on the wall of your house, and never step foot on the beach. $228, available at Terrain.




Great video “Surfer Girl,” by GoPro featuring the stunning Alana Blanchard. And here’s a suit that will look right at home on the beaches of Kauai, where Alana grew up. The “Thomas” is inspired by surf films of the 1960’s and comes in five colors. $75, available at Saturdays Surf NYC.


Kauai is geologically the oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago and lies far to the west.





There was a time in the 1950’s when the city’s elite would depart en masse each summer – north to the Berkshires, east to Newport, Rhode Island, abroad to a seaside resort along the Mediterranean. Or, for those lucky few who were really loaded, a la Dickie Greenleaf, they would simply live at the beach. The style was ornate in the evenings, parred down during the day. Swim trunks (more…)



This past December I launched a small collection of ski sweaters and the response has been incredibly positive. Inspired by trips to Cortina in Italy and St. Anton in Austria as a kid growing up, the collection is intended to work back to a more glamorous era in alpine sport. My brother and I would collect patches, vintage stickers and travel posters – classic examples of European mountain design. This was the 80’s and early 90’s, and although neon onesies were starting to become en vogue, you could still spot classic ski sweaters, mostly on the wise, older gentlemen who ran the famous ski schools in the 60’s and 70’s. This style is captured perfectly in Robert Redford’s 1969 film, “Downhill Racer.” If you have a spring ski trip planned, consider a late season addition to your mountain style.



Downhill sweater, 100% Australian lambswool $225, available in the Fahlgren Shop. And check out the trail map at the bottom of this post for inspiration. It’s no surprise Lech is the winter destination of choice for the Royal Family.



As collaborations go this one is pretty fresh. Franklin Marshall has created for Colette a lifestyle collection capsule for before and après-ski. The teddy-jacket, sweater or woolly hat can be worn on the train going up, and the track suit bottom, sweat-shirt and T-shirt are perfect for evenings in front of the fire. Paris based Colette is easily one of the most innovative retailers out there, check out their ever-evolving site to get a taste. Their streaming music selection is a particular stand out.

On the collection: “Remember the ski clubs your fathers or grandfathers used to go to? They would leave on Friday evening and come back on Sunday with a proud twinkle in their eyes. These ski clubs, whether big or small, brought together companions who all shared a love for the mountains. They were handsome and proud in their jackets bearing their club’s name and badges for each of the summits they had conquered and longed for unlimited fresh air. Today, united by a passion that resembles us, Colette, Franklin & Marshall and Black Crows skis perpetuate this tradition that brings us all together.” 100% cotton sweatshirt 90 euros. To view the entire collection: Colette Ski Club.



A great look at the career of Australian surfer Joel Parkinson who won his first ASP World Title in 2012. The featured song is “Coming Home” by 2 Hearts & Chemicals (The New Division Remix).


Spotted at the IWC flagship store on Madison Avenue, amongst an incredibly vast collection of books celebrating luxury, “Great Houses of Havana” by Hermes Mallea. From the publishers: “Great Houses of Havana celebrates one hundred years of creativity, design, and style that made the city “the Paris of the Caribbean.” For four hundred years, Havana was the center of Spanish trade in the western hemisphere. With the expansion of the sugar industry, independence from Spain, and North American investment, Havana became a city of great wealth, great style, and great houses in a (more…)


On a recent autumn night in Brooklyn I hit a party at the terrific Smith + Butler men’s store. If you haven’t been, go. The shop features a well edited selection of traditional denim, outerwear and accessories and more unique gear including Davida motorcycle helmets and Dehen wool cardigans made in Portland, Oregon. The one thing that really caught my eye that night was the old school movie being played as a backdrop to the whiskey and PBR’s. Shot in 1971, “On Any Sunday” is a documentary by Director Bruce Brown that follows the lives of motorcycle enthusiasts and racers. Steve McQueen plays a central role in the film, but it’s the motorcycles that truly shine, from the now extinct BSA to Husqvarna, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Honda, and Yamaha. The film received a nomination for an Academy Award in 1972 for best documentary feature. Here’s a short look at the film: (more…)



The practicality and rugged beauty of a field watch speaks volumes about your outlook on life. The recent hurricane on the east coast proves that even Wall Streeters need to reserve a part of their closet for storm gear. L.L. Bean boots, a durable rain jacket – items usually reserved for outdoor advenure now take on a much greater meaning. For a sturdy, military inspired field watch, consider Bertucci, an American company founded in 2003. The DX3 shown above is striking and functional, with Swiss super luminous hands and a nylon band in green, coyote or black. And at $60, it’s literally a fraction of the cost of a stainless steel status watch. The Bertucci DX3 Field watch, available at Bertucci. More pics: (more…)



This is a very handy device to keep on hand for all future storms. The Eton Boost Turbine 2,000 has a hand crank that revs up after 1 minute, giving your cell phone a critical 30 seconds of call time, or multiple texts. It’s made of tough but lightweight aluminum and is compact enough to fit in your pocket or glove box. It features a Micro-USB DC input to use with most smartphone chargers and a standard USB port for charging any mobile device. $60, available at Eton.


These beautiful boots, the Mountain Light Left Bank, are the result of a collaboration between Danner Boots and Tanner Goods, two companies from Portland, Oregon. Based on a silhouette that dates back to the 1970’s, they have that rugged no frills style that would look at home on any trail, from Mt. Hood to Cortina d’Ampezzo. 100% crafted in the Danner factory in Portland, using Vibram outsoles and russet leather from the fabled Horween Leather Company in Chicago, they come with both evergreen and cream laces. $350, available at Tanner Goods.


And here’s a short film highlighting the boot in action, with a great look at artist Adam Haynes meticulously creating an outdoor inspired illustration from start to finish.



An interesting look at a super cross event in Melbourne, Australia, sponsored by Rapha, a top cycling clothing and accessories company.




Wood&Faulk is a small brand based in Portland, Oregon created by Matt Pierce. His workshop sits in the back of a 103 year old house, where he creates everything from handkerchiefs to leather billfolds, to rugged weekend bags, like the “Northwesterner” featured above. “Wood&Faulk is my chosen moniker, and it comes from Woodrow and Faulkner – two streets that I lived on during my later time in Kansas. Back then, I learned so much about working on old houses, building furniture, plumbing, electrical, working (more…)


An incredible look at the life of mountaineer, climber and photographer Jimmy Chin as he shoots a feature story for National Geographic. Chin captures two world class climbers as they ascend “El Capitan” in Yosemite National Park. Shot on a Canon 5d by Renan Ozturk of Camp 4 Collective. Check out the stunning final image that graced the May 2011 cover. (more…)


Woolrich is a brand I’ve known since the mid 80’s, after receiving a buffalo plaid, red and black fall jacket as a hand-me-down. At the time I didn’t appreciate it, now it’s an all time favorite. For over 180 years Woolrich has been producing beautiful outdoor-inspired clothing. Here are three of the best items from their Fall/Winter 2012 collection: The “Alaskan” shirt was originally created for 19th Century Alaskan gold prospectors. It’s warm (more…)


Spotted at a small shop in Sag Harbor, “Hotel Il Pellicano,” a captivating look at the glamorous, jet-setting lifestyles of those who frequented the legendary Hotel Il Pellicano, overlooking a secluded bay in Tuscany’s Porto Ercole. Released in 2011 by Rizzoli, it’s beautifully and creatively designed, with an imperfect, hand drawn book cover that gives the impression of enjoying a family album. Photographs by the great chroniclers of 60’s & 70’s glamour, John Swope and Slim Aarons captured (more…)


There are a few key things I look for when shopping around for a laid back summer bicycle perfect for short trips to the beach: functionality, easy style and simple design. Therefore the “Simple” line of bicycles from Giant would make perfect sense. The “Simple Seven” shown above is basic at it’s best: fresh white and green color scheme, comfortable over-sized balloon tires, plush saddle and relaxed sitting position. $430, for a full list of retailers and to see more pics, click here.



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