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Jack Spade only recently got into the watch game, but they arrived with guns blazing – red hot. Their collection of timepieces are both well designed and reasonably priced, an often hard to find combination in the elitist world of one-upmanship that is the watch industry. You can either go low and embrace the everyman approach, like Swatch, or shoot for the stars, with mighty Rolex. For a versatile, summer friendly option, go with the Conway. It comes in three colorways, but as red is our favorite color this season, try something new and bold. $298, available at Jack Spade.





No word yet on when the Gi, a fold-able electric bike, will be available, but from the looks of it, it’s a winner. Incredibly lightweight, it easily folds to a manageable size with a simple flip action. It’s also loaded with cool tech features like an internal GPS hub that links to your apps and maps, and a lock you can control from your iPhone. It also runs 40 miles while on battery, not bad for when your legs get a bit tired and you just want to cruise about town.


And from a branding strategy, it’s smart that they’ve put together a well-designed website in advance of their Kickstarter campaign. Too often we receive links to Kickstarter efforts and it’s the first you’ve ever heard of a hopeful product. A good strategy is to create a teaser like the team at Gi has done with their press release, website and short video. Get people behind the effort before asking for dough.


This nifty little gadget from Nespresso will give your morning cup of a coffee a smooth Italian makeover. The Aeroccino 3 is an ultra-simple and fast automatic system that produces a light and creamy hot or cold milk froth. Pour in the milk, press the button. In a few seconds, without noise or vibration, the Aeroccino prepares a delicious milk froth ideal for various coffee recipes, according to the season. $99, available at Nespresso.


Spotted at last week’s stellar Capsule show in New York City, Geneva Sound Systems. They’ve done a bang up job combining a parred down, super clean aesthetic with retro numbers and simple color combinations. The Model XS shown above is inspired by the classic travel clock – it folds up neatly, is wrapped in rich leather and links via Bluetooth to your iPhone. Also available in red and white. $199, available at GenevaLab.



Just in time for beach day. The retro inspired iHome iP4 Boombox – one sweet looking, versatile traveling siesta. Available in pink, royal or black. Comes with a remote control and built in FM radio. $199, available at iHome.



Sony Corp held a high stakes press event for their new PS4 console yesterday in a converted opera house in New York. Desperate for a hit, the once dominant company never actually showed the new device, instead focusing on it’s revamped capabilities, including cloud-gaming and added social networking features. It’s been 7 years since the PS3 debuted in 2006 and in that time Sony has taken a serious beating. The early launch was seen by many as a way to head off the launch of the industry leading X Box, expected later this summer. They did show the new controller, the “DualShock 4,” which has a nifty touch pad. Why such a fuss? Watching your stake in the $80 Billion gaming market evaporate over the past decade is no joke. Here’s a look at the new controller: (more…)



The decision to expand from a small brick and mortar retail shop to include an online shopping function is a harrowing step for any company. Just ask juggernaut H&M, who’s plans to sell online have been famously and routinely delayed. The extra hours needed to handle a long list of responsibilities is daunting: photographing products, writing smart copy, perfect packaging, timely shipping, and handling returns. And all too often, the actual design of the website doesn’t match up to the branding and vision of the real thing.

So it’s exciting and highly encouraging when someone takes that leap of faith, and does it the right way, as is the case with one of the best small shops in America, Modern Anthology. (more…)


The new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was released yesterday, November 14th and it could easily be mistaken for a movie trailer – if Disney got into making R-rated, sex and drug fueled cartoons. It’s remarkable how far gaming has come, with Rockstar Games one of the leaders in creating vast world’s of sleazy under bosses, sex and freedom to simply roam about shooting whatever comes your way. The newest addition to the franchise follows three protagonists: Franklin, an auto repo man, Trevor, a violent psychopath and Michael, a veteran criminal turned family man. Scheduled to release in Spring 2013, it will crush it at the box office: a Game Stop near you. You can pre-order it here.


The trailer:


Check out this just released “McAire” AirPlay speaker by McIntosh, a stunning design achievement that marries sleek modern design with old school charm. It’s pricey at $3,000, but men spend far more watches without blinking. Features include eye pleasing ice blue output meters, two 4-inch woofers that pack a punch, two 2-inch midrange drivers, and two 0.75-inch dome tweeters, an embedded Wi-Fi system, and an Apple-certified USB port. Sound quality is often compromised when music is streamed from other devices but early reviews on the McAire point to no such limitations. In fact the music can best be described as groundbreaking, like listening to your favorite songs again for the first time. Available at McIntosh.



Growing up in Seattle in the 70’s I remember vividly when my Mom rented out a little arcade in town on Mercer Island for my older brothers birthday. It remains one of the best birthdays of all time, and it wasn’t even mine. We were given handfuls of quarters to play Tempest, Defender, Ms. Pac Man and our favorite, Donkey Kong, for an hour without abandon. Standing around a beeping, flashing arcade game with friends cheering on was thrilling, but soon became obsolete as the experience moved to the living room. This marked a significant shift in gaming and created (more…)



The practicality and rugged beauty of a field watch speaks volumes about your outlook on life. The recent hurricane on the east coast proves that even Wall Streeters need to reserve a part of their closet for storm gear. L.L. Bean boots, a durable rain jacket – items usually reserved for outdoor advenure now take on a much greater meaning. For a sturdy, military inspired field watch, consider Bertucci, an American company founded in 2003. The DX3 shown above is striking and functional, with Swiss super luminous hands and a nylon band in green, coyote or black. And at $60, it’s literally a fraction of the cost of a stainless steel status watch. The Bertucci DX3 Field watch, available at Bertucci. More pics: (more…)



This is a very handy device to keep on hand for all future storms. The Eton Boost Turbine 2,000 has a hand crank that revs up after 1 minute, giving your cell phone a critical 30 seconds of call time, or multiple texts. It’s made of tough but lightweight aluminum and is compact enough to fit in your pocket or glove box. It features a Micro-USB DC input to use with most smartphone chargers and a standard USB port for charging any mobile device. $60, available at Eton.



In case you missed it during last night’s NFL opening kick off game, here’s the official trailer for the next big thing in gaming: “Assassin’s Creed III,” releasing on October 30th. Set in 1777 during the American revolution, you play “Connor,” the warrior son of a Native American mother and British father, sworn to protect your people and pretty much unleash pain on as many red coats as possible. I wonder how this game will go over in England.


An incredible look at the life of mountaineer, climber and photographer Jimmy Chin as he shoots a feature story for National Geographic. Chin captures two world class climbers as they ascend “El Capitan” in Yosemite National Park. Shot on a Canon 5d by Renan Ozturk of Camp 4 Collective. Check out the stunning final image that graced the May 2011 cover. (more…)



Update your phone with one of these Jack Spade iPhone case if you’re looking to add a bit of fun summer style as August winds down. You can show people where your girlfriend lives, near the Hoover Dam, confuse people and let the Red Bandana show out of your jeans back pocket, or go with Woodgrain and channel the innocent days of drinking beer in your Grandpa’s wood paneled basement. $40, available at Scoop NYC.


Spotted at Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk. Great sound, beautiful design. You’ll need a chord to attach your iPod for about $5 but that’s a far more attractive option than ruining the top of the clean wood design with a clunky docking station. At night, the front radio panel and volume dial give off a soft green glow. If the boys out east decided to put one if every room of their trendy hotel then you can feel confident that it’s passed the design test. $75, available at Amazon.


The Pentax K-01 is my new favorite gadget. I was lucky enough to play around with this nifty yellow version during a party at the Webster Miami last week. And “play” is exactly how I would describe the feeling you get when interacting with this terrific camera. It’s satisfyingly hefty, like a Fisher Price toy, with rubber everywhere and solid, clean levers you want to adjust, buttons you want to click. I tinkered around with the camera like a child with a new toy, well before pointing it at anything. And this phenomenon is no accident – Pentax partnered with renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, who’s iconic work (more…)


A beautiful vintage watch is much like a classic automobile, well bred, smooth lines, worn but proud. The slightly oval stainless steel case, neon orange center sweep hand and blue second time zone hand gives this watch it’s exotic good looks. A summer luxury. Omega Flightmaster, circa 1970’s, stainless steel link bracelet, made in Switzerland. $4,450, available at Park & Bond.


This is a pretty cool gadget for your iPhone. The Mophie “Juice Pack Plus” is a powerful battery attachment with a sleek and subtle look that won’t feel unwieldy in your hand. It provides a full 8 hours of additional talk time, perfect for jetsetters on the go, or simply those of us who forget to charge their phone. $95, available at Amazon.



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