Here’s another winner from publishing powerhouse Taschen: “100 Interiors Around the World” – a two volume hardcover set featuring 720 inspirational and authentic pages. “This TASCHEN 25 Edition rounds up some of today’s most exceptional and inspiring interiors on six continents. Making stops in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, the painstakingly chosen and sumptuously photographed selection of 100 interiors represents a global spectrum of contemporary styles, from rustic minimalism to urbane eclecticism.” A wonderful gift for design enthusiasts. $59, available at Taschen.


If you appreciate bold graphic artwork and the nostalgia of bad ass rock n roll, “The Art of the LP: Classic Album Covers 1955-95” by Johnny Morgan and Ben Wardle will look right at home on your coffee table. “Many of us remember the iconic album-cover images that defined our collective and individual histories—such as the smoldering pinup girl on the Cars’ Candy-O, the plaintive baby following a dollar bill through water on Nirvana’s Nevermind, and Andy Warhol’s controversial zippered pants on the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers. From perennial classics to lesser-known gems, here is the LP art that shook, rattled, and rolled us through music’s early formative years.” $29.95, available at one of my favorite stores, Stag, in Austin, Texas.



Written by Leon Leonwood Bean and first published in 1941, “Hunting, Fishing & Camping” is a great gift for the adventurer. To celebrate the companies 100th anniversary, they’ve re-released the guide, which is packed with practical advice from the iconic, original outdoorsman. $18, available at Amazon.


Any book that picks David Bowie as the cover subject to summarize a century of menswear is worth another look. It’s clear that the author, historian Cally Blackman has a unique point of view by featuring vintage Bowie, in a mustard yellow suit, with cigarette dangling and scissors in hand. “The impact of Pierre Cardin, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and other designers is contrasted with the street fashion of the 1960s, punk, and the club scene to bring together the story of the flourishing menswear market in one invaluable book.” $30, available at Amazon.


Add some serious style, color and joi de vivre to your apartment by picking up “Brazilian Style” by Armand Limnander. “With evocative photography and fast-paced texts by W magazine editor Armand Limnander, Brazilian Style is a curated tour of the most important symbols of modern and traditional Brazil. A fresh and dynamic mix, capturing the culture of one of the most vibrant nations on earth.” With the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics on the horizon, Brazil is so hot right . To quote Mugatu. $65, available at Assouline. Some pics from inside (more…)


You can tell a lot about a retail store by simply perusing their collection of magazines and books for sale, and this certainly holds true for the eternally chic Webster in Miami Beach. I’m in town for a store event tonight and had a few moments to flip through their impressive lobby library, curated with the same attention to detail and impeccable taste that has defined their unique collection of brands. Attached are a few shots of books you might find interesting, and magazines worth flipping through, including the massive 600-page hard cover “magazine” shown above, “Fashion for Men” by Milan Vukmirovic, one of The Webster’s founders. (more…)


“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


We often forget that there is a tougher side to summer, one with a spirit of adventure that provides as much, if not more of a vacation for the body and mind than leisure pursuits. Instead of the beach, head to the mountains, or the fields, or best case scenario, the forests of Yellowstone, our nation’s greatest National Park. For an east coast option, head north to Acadia National Park, Maine and watch the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain, and hear the ocean crack at Thunder Rock. If you make the trek, pack accordingly. The Wabasha Chukka boots (more…)



There are plenty of books out there on prep collegiate style but “The Ivy League” by Daniel Cappello just feels a bit more substantial. It’s a well written, hefty hardcover book packed with beautiful images, from vintage posters and school crests, to sharp logos and memorable photography. It’s this focus on design that provides a deeper understanding of the identity and (more…)


“He looked within for the first time in months and was sad to see what was there. A mind wound so tight around what to do, where to go, in a place so jumbled, that after 16 years he was just able to make sense of it all. On his next trip to the sea, instead of filling that cold empty space with to do lists, he instead let his thoughts roam, listened to the waves for the first time since a child, felt the sand, smelled the rusty air and appreciated that one moment of rest. It was all lost to a chime buried away in a worthless logo’d bag.” (more…)


“Green Architecture Now!” by Philip Jodidio is a comprehensive look at design innovators who have successfully brought nature into public and private spaces, significantly lowering the reliance upon natural resources. The result is a series of modern day Garden of Edens (with dishwashers). It’s a cool book to flip through, and would make a nice gift for those Mom’s who spend a lot of time in the backyard gardening. Mother’s Day is May 13th. $39, available at Barnes & Noble. Here’s a look at one of the more ambitious projects, King Abdullah International Gardens, in Saudi Arabia: (more…)


It’s important to have balance in your office and home space: a meaningful book, well placed at work to offset a stapler or tape dispenser, or in my case, a few hefty coffee table books at home – buried under coloring books and little dolls. “Racing Style” by Kolo Bolofo is a photographic representation of the Goodwood Revival, a motor car race with vehicles from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Just glancing at the cover evokes a feeling of adventure and old school glamor. That’s a simplification, but it’s the little things that can go a long way in a cluttered and complicated life. From the publishers: (more…)



Get your bicycle tuned, backpack loaded and thermos filled – March is finally here. As life speeds along it’s rare that we get a few hours to ourselves; you really have to focus and carve out time. Hopping on your bike and heading to the park is a liberating weekend activity, especially if you have no idea where you’ll end up. Here are a few ideas for your next sunny afternoon: Italians know their bicycles; the Bianchi “Iseo” is a striking, gloss black, lightweight model perfect for long excursions. $600, for a full dealer list, visit the Bianchi USA website. Herschel Supply “Little America” backpack. $88, available at Stag, Austin. It’s the faded gray color and simple design that makes this backpack so sharp, one of the very few that passes the office test. Stanley kelly green thermos, $40, available at Stanley. This rugged old school thermos keeps your beverage of choice piping hot or ice cold. Try hot apple cider with a little whiskey for good measure as it’s the weekend. And finally, a good book. One of (more…)


David McCullough is a Pulitzer Prize winning American historian who’s books are required reading, especially on President’s Day. He deftly captures the greatest moments and leaders in our nation’s history; quite remarkably, while still using a vintage “Royal” typewriter. Reading non-fiction history can be a laborious task, but not with McCullough, a compelling storyteller. Read one book, and the rest will follow. Begin with 1776, the story of George Washington, his followers and the year of American independence. His other notable books on the New York Times Best Seller List include:  John Adams, Mornings on Horseback & Truman.


I wrote about this great little engraving and printing company in an earlier post but as it’s time to start sending out thank you cards, it’s well worth another mention. Terrapin Stationers is based in New York City and owned by Ted Harrington – his collection of note cards, calling cards and other small paper goods have a decidedly masculine aesthetic. My favorite would be the hunting/fishing outdoor motif shown above, $20 for a pack of 6, available at Etsy. His simple twitter handle calling cards are another top seller: (more…)


Frankie’s is one of the top restaurants not just in Brooklyn, but across the country. Since 2004, Frank Falcinelli & Frank Castronovo have been serving rustic Italian home cooking to a very discerning and loyal following. Their cookbook is absolutely terrific and loaded with family-friendly recipes – ideal for the holidays when there are lots of hungry mouths to feed. From the book’s description: “The entire Frankies menu is adapted here for the home cook—from small bites including Cremini Mushroom and Truffle Oil Crostini, to (more…)


Books make tremendous gifts – if you have someone in the family who enjoys history, design, and classic silver screen style, “Hollywood and the Ivy Look” belongs under the tree this season. A description from the publishers:  “In the decade between 1955 and 1965 a coterie of discerning Hollywood hipsters appropriated the incomparable Ivy League clothing of America’s East coast elite. These West Coast actors elevated the Ivy look to the height of cool and defined a quintessentially American male dress code for a new generation of movie audiences.” It’s good to learn where a trend officially started, especially one that remains strong today. $75, available at Amazon.

A few additional pictures: (more…)


As soon as I watched the trailer for “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” I bought the book and dove right into it. I did the same thing when the trailers for “Game of Thrones” started appearing on HBO and went through all 5 tomes in about 6 months. I may change this habit but so far I have never watched a film that outdid the book. It is always firmly the other way around and I trust my imagination will envision characters in a much better light than casting directors at HBO. The first season of Thrones had a lot of disappointments, but the positive is that it turned me onto a highly imaginative, vast book series that now ranks as one of my all time favorites. Tinker Tailor is a book with an odd name, loyal following and rich heritage – written in 1974 by John Le Carre, it is a precisely written spy thriller set against the backdrop of a very tense and brutal 1960’s Cold War Britain. It has the rare distinction of being a quick read that is (more…)


For the adventurist, real or imagined, “Mountain” will evoke feelings of awe, respect and quite possibly, a serious desire to hit the trail. This massive book features a compilation of 350 dramatic images of mountain landscapes shot by 160 photographers across the planet. $85, available at Amazon.


If you walk past any book store in America you’ll notice prominent displays of  “1Q84”  written by bestselling writer Haruki Murakami, not to be confused with artist Takashi Murakami. The UK’s Guardian has praised him as “among the world’s greatest living novelists” for his works and achievements. 1Q84 was released in Japan back in June and sold a massive 100,000 copies in it’s first week. Expectations are very high for this book. The novel is described (more…)


Sure, knowing which hotels are the best in the world is good information, but knowing the specific room you should book in order to get a stunning view takes it to another level entirely. Conde Nast Traveler’s “Room with A View” features the best hotel room views around the world, with breathtaking vistas ranging from (more…)


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