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If you want to experience Italy’s passion for fast, elegant cars, there is no more thrilling place than the Mille Miglia. With hundreds of thousands of spectators cheering drivers on, the long-distance race from Brescia to Rome and back was held from 1927 to 1957. The race was revived in 1977 and once again cheering fans line the roads. Photographer René Staud captured the 2014 race, offering a compelling look into the history of this dashing, timeless competition. For more information:




Here’s a quick look at the just unveiled sports car that Mercedes Benz designed to go head-to-head with rival Porsche. The 2016 AMG GT embodies the new brand image, which is sportier and more dynamic. Priced at $129,000 and powered by a newly developed V8 engine,  the 462-horsepower GT can reach 62 miles per hour in 4 seconds. Start saving.



Porsche has just launched it’s first true supercar in over a decade, the ridiculously fast, and surprisingly green 2015 918 Spyder. The “918” doesn’t refer to the price, but it’s close with an estimated cost of $845K. Porsche enthusiasts and gazillionaires might even consider it a deal, as a similar class Lamborghini or Ferrari will set you back $1.4 to $4 million. What’s coolest about the 918 Spyder?  It doubles as a plug-in hybrid, so you can start it up with barely a whisper, then hit the gas pedal and soar to the moon. We’ll call it neon green.



A healthy and stylish spring resolution: spend more time on a bicycle – made easier if it’s as sweet a ride as the Gaston 5 from Linus. It’s subtle and timeless, with a beautiful cream color scheme, white wheels and chocolate brown leather seat and handles. The best part about this old school looking bike? It’s thoroughly modern when it comes to the mechanisms. It has an internal gear shifter, with legit levers on the frame, instead of the cheaper, more popular plastic twist shifters. Grab your favorite book and head to the park, then the office. $769, available for online order at Linus.



This short film covers the remarkable journey of one rider as he spends close to two years traveling 82,000+ miles through 22 countries.



Here’s a quick look at the new F-Type sports car from Jaguar, and the new Range Rover Sport, presented at last week’s Shanghai Auto show. With China’s thirst for luxury showing little signs of abating, the importance of this show has gone from zero to sixty in the past five years. Land Rover, marking it’s 65th year in business since their first SUV was introduced, has a lot to celebrate – sales are booming, with over 300,000 Range Rover Sports sold in 2012 and sales up 15% in the first quarter of 2013.


The “Monoposto” was created to recall a simpler era of Grand Prix racing, when the only information the driver had was contained in a few oversized dials on his wrist. Literally meaning “single seat,” everything about the design works back to racing, from the full grain, hand crafted Italian leather strap to the polished roller buckle inspired by the hood straps that would keep the car’s bonnet in place at high speeds. Only 250 were produced. $875, available at Modern Anthology. While you’re on their terrific website, spend a few minutes looking over their tightly edited collection of beautiful home objects, clothing and accessories. And check out this great pic of the founder of Officine Autodromo, the company that created the watch: (more…)



Daniel Craig reportedly earned 1 million USD for his role in Land Rover’s glitzy unveiling of the 2014 Range Rover Sport in New York last week. The overall design is dramatically different from its predecessor – exactly what the company intended. Anyone caught driving the 2013 model, beware. It’s 800 pounds lighter and a bit longer, but still shorter than comparable 7 passenger SUV’s – with the push of a button 2 “children’s seats” appear as a third row. The 2014 model has the dramatic sloping angle of the futuristic entry level Evoque and has adopted the new tear drop headlights of the new Land Rover. Here’s Craig discussing his role at the launch:



On a recent autumn night in Brooklyn I hit a party at the terrific Smith + Butler men’s store. If you haven’t been, go. The shop features a well edited selection of traditional denim, outerwear and accessories and more unique gear including Davida motorcycle helmets and Dehen wool cardigans made in Portland, Oregon. The one thing that really caught my eye that night was the old school movie being played as a backdrop to the whiskey and PBR’s. Shot in 1971, “On Any Sunday” is a documentary by Director Bruce Brown that follows the lives of motorcycle enthusiasts and racers. Steve McQueen plays a central role in the film, but it’s the motorcycles that truly shine, from the now extinct BSA to Husqvarna, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Honda, and Yamaha. The film received a nomination for an Academy Award in 1972 for best documentary feature. Here’s a short look at the film: (more…)


Spotted at last night’s opening of the new Ralph Lauren Black Label shop at Saks Fifth Avenue, “Speed, Style, and Beauty: Cars from the Ralph Lauren Collection.” This is an incredible book that showcases some of the finest automobiles ever made, with Mr. Lauren’s private collection one of the best in the world. “This breathtaking volume features 29 of these wonders-from such unparalleled masterpieces as the 1930 Mercedes Benz “Count Trossi,” the 1938 Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia, and the 1938 Bugatti Atlantic Coupe to marvels from Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and even a Ford “Woody”-each of these vehicles is lovingly photographed and presented with authoritative elegance. “$34, available at Barnes & Noble. More from the collection: (more…)


Expect to see this giant slowly easing into a parking spot at a polo match near you in 2015. Yes that is indeed a Bentley SUV, complete with massive iconic front grill and 23-inch alloy wheels, rumored to be available in 2015 for a cool $140,000. Porsche’s incredible success with the Cayenne has caused others in the luxury field to follow suit, including Lamborghini and Ferrari, with this rather suspicious looking number. So start saving now and by 2015 you might be able to afford the gas to fuel this W12 beast. More pics: (more…)


The Olympics ended with a flourish last night, but with England still on everyone’s mind, why not take a look at another example of British ingenuity, it’s rich racing heritage. This image by photographer James Lipman captures the Jaguar D-Type and E-Type roaring through North Wales under a threatening sky. There’s a romanticism to the photograph, with vintage goggles, no roll bar and minimal separation between man and road. The D-Type made it’s first appearance at Le Mans in 1954, and just a few short years later in 1955 and 1957, dominated the iconic 24-hour race. Here are several more images of both Jaguars, highlighting the craftsmanship and beauty behind the iconic manufacturer: (more…)



Watch this film to get your weekend juices flowin. Gym 5, shot by Director Ben Conrad over a 4 day period in San Francisco. It features driver Ken Block ripping a 650 horse power, souped up Ford Fiesta that can go 0-60 in 1.8 seconds, all over, and through, the iconic backdrop. Released earlier this month, it’s one of the more inventive product placement/commercials out there, with DC shoes behind the production.


If you’re looking for a sweet new toy this summer, check out the 1977 Dodge Ramcharger. Idling firmly in the shadow of the incredibly popular Jeep Bronco, the Ramcharger is just as bad ass, and certainly more unique. Produced between 1974 and 2001, it was succeeded by the Dodge Durango in 2004. Affectionately labeled the “Rhino” during development, the Ramcharger is a beast with rugged good looks, a powerful V8 and removable hard top. I like that it sits a bit higher and wider than (more…)


A charming ride through the countryside of Europe on a beautiful cafe racer motorbike.


It’s important to have balance in your office and home space: a meaningful book, well placed at work to offset a stapler or tape dispenser, or in my case, a few hefty coffee table books at home – buried under coloring books and little dolls. “Racing Style” by Kolo Bolofo is a photographic representation of the Goodwood Revival, a motor car race with vehicles from the 40s, 50s and 60s. Just glancing at the cover evokes a feeling of adventure and old school glamor. That’s a simplification, but it’s the little things that can go a long way in a cluttered and complicated life. From the publishers: (more…)


This is a fun car to daydream about owning someday, the new $224,000 roadster version of the SLS from Mercedes-Benz. Heck you can even go online and ‘Build Your Own” – pick the color, the interior, the engine package, make it all the way to check out, then sadly skip the ‘contact nearest dealer’ option. It’s a bad habit I have when killing time on the world wide web. The new roadster drops the gull-wing doors and the hardtop roof yet keeps its high end performance by stiffening the body style. The folding textile roof is available in black, red or beige and can be raised or lowered in just 11 seconds with speeds up to 31 mph. A side view pic:  (more…)


Check out this classic picture of Paul Newman chilling on his enduro motorcycle in the hills of California looking like the man. After dominating the acting scene for decades Newman became a passionate race car driver, placing 2nd at the grueling Le Mans 24 hour race in 1979 – an impressive feat for a driver who only got his start at the age of 47. He attributed his entrance into racing as a way to quell his intense competitiveness – and only half-jokingly – to provide a break from the terrible scripts coming his way. Take a lesson from this true original: it’s never too late for adventure. Toys for the garage: KTM 350 XC-W, $9,600. Any enduro racer worth his dirt knows that KTM is the bike of choice (more…)



Take a tour of the Porsche factory in this remarkable look back at German auto manufacturing in the 1960’s. Once you get past the charmingly rigid introduction by the son of founder Professor Ferdinand Porsche, the process of making each sports car by hand is fascinating. The film’s style, music and graphics provide a window to an era gone by.


You can second guess Justin Theroux’s motorcycle style all you like but his ride of choice is a can’t miss.  The BMW 800 GS is an on-road, off-road beast, and shows an appreciation for motorcycles that put functionality over form. But in this case, with the GS, you happily get both as it’s a great looking bike. GS stands for “Gelande Strasse” and translates to “Terrain” and “Street” in German. It’s built high and tough, ideal for New York city streets.

The rest of the look is less convincing. The jacket is an A+ but the bag made with safety pins and a sweatshirt is questionable. And anyone wearing (more…)


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