Wood&Faulk is a small brand based in Portland, Oregon created by Matt Pierce. His workshop sits in the back of a 103 year old house, where he creates everything from handkerchiefs to leather billfolds, to rugged weekend bags, like the “Northwesterner” featured above. “Wood&Faulk is my chosen moniker, and it comes from Woodrow and Faulkner – two streets that I lived on during my later time in Kansas. Back then, I learned so much about working on old houses, building furniture, plumbing, electrical, working on cars, wood projects, metal projects and more. I felt like I should honor those earlier years. Nowadays, I’m living in Portland, Or and am still continually tinkering.” For a classic travel bag consider the Northwesterner, $249, available at Wood&Faulk.

The tan 16″ version is perfect for day trips to the office:

Matt Pierce:


Category: Accessories, Bags, Travel.

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