Best Made Company’s website is an example of branding at it’s absolute best. Cleanly laid out, easy to navigate, stellar photography and perfect packaging that all leads to the obvious: higher sell-through. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they sell axes! Sites with flash that immediately launch into a far off journey might look pretty, but more often than not they are annoying. And annoying translates into a mouse-click goodbye. So take a lesson from the boys at Best Made Co and clean it up, par it down and simplify the process. Their still photography in particular is the best I have ever seen on a website. And make sure to always pay special attention to the critical ‘purchasing’ phase of the sight – the key area where customers are most often lost. The Kelly green purchase button is simple and ingenious.

If you’re interested in building an e-commerce website, start with the engine – technology to handle the inner workings of the site – Shopify is a leading example. Then select the financial entity to oversee and process the transactions – PayPal is top on the list. And finally, either use a Shopify template, or hire a designer to create a beautiful and effective design. And remember, always let your products be the main draw.

Check out this first aid kit:


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