The Pentax K-01 is my new favorite gadget. I was lucky enough to play around with this nifty yellow version during a party at the Webster Miami last week. And “play” is exactly how I would describe the feeling you get when interacting with this terrific camera. It’s satisfyingly hefty, like a Fisher Price toy, with rubber everywhere and solid, clean levers you want to adjust, buttons you want to click. I tinkered around with the camera like a child with a new toy, well before pointing it at anything. And this phenomenon is no accident – Pentax partnered with renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, who’s iconic work spans a wide variety of product categories, from Samsonite to Dom Perignon. Cameras should be intuitive and unfortunately my chic Leica D-Lux 5 is not. It goes well with a suit, but there-in lies the risk of trying to be fashionable with your camera. The K-01 has 16 megapixels and a 40mm lens that is fast and shoots super crisp images. Here is a sampling from the party, with a few of mine included. Prices average around $900, and you can purchase the yellow model shown above on the Webster website.

I liked the yellow, but would opt for the more subtle white or black, the better options for running around New York City.

Three color versions, black, white & bold yellow:


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    PENTAX K-01 BY MARC NEWSON | Style Ledger

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    PENTAX K-01 BY MARC NEWSON | Style Ledger

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