When it comes to music and partying in the summer, louder is better. And you never want to be at that point where someone yells “Turn it up!” and you can’t.  That’s where the Tailgater from Ion comes in. Discovered this past weekend at a house party in Montauk, this little bad boy looks like an amp you’re childhood buddy used to plug his electric guitar into. It’s built for summer parties, where music played outdoors could always use an extra kick. Simply plug in your Macbook, iPod, iPad, favorite playlist, etc. and turn it up to 5. Anything above that will easily handle a dance party for 50. Come fall, throw it into the back of the pick-up, hit the big football game and listen to sports radio on the built in AM/FM radio. The Ion Tailgater, $159, available at

Category: Entertainment, Music.

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