Growing up in Seattle in the 70’s I remember vividly when my Mom rented out a little arcade in town on Mercer Island for my older brothers birthday. It remains one of the best birthdays of all time, and it wasn’t even mine. We were given handfuls of quarters to play Tempest, Defender, Ms. Pac Man and our favorite, Donkey Kong, for an hour without abandon. Standing around a beeping, flashing arcade game with friends cheering on was thrilling, but soon became obsolete as the experience moved to the living room. This marked a significant shift in gaming and created an environment for money making juggernauts to exist, and in 2001, the original game-changer was born: Halo: Combat Evolved.

Now, 11 years, 46 million copies, and $3 Billion dollars later, the Halo franchise welcomes it’s latest, biggest and baddest Master Chief ever, Halo 4. Microsoft, under it’s 343 Industries studio, launches it at midnight on November 6th  in 40 plus countries and early buzz has it as potentially the best gaming experience of all time, or at the least, the most advanced. Whatever it is, it’s a far cry from Galaga.

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