Last chance to enter to win this sweet jacket from Eddie Bauer, the “Yukon.” Just tell me what the best gift was that you ever received and why and I’ll pick the best entry and announce it tomorrow the 14th. Email your entry to: greetings@fahlgreninc.com. There have been some great entries and it looks like the sweet spot for all us was right around 10 years old. Here are a few:

“The Christmas when I was 8 (my sister was 5) started out like any other Christmas morning: my dad going downstairs and then coming back up to let us know that Santa had came (we still believed at this point…too old? O well, win some lose some) so we went downstairs and we were a couple gifts in before I noticed there was no big present behind the tree. Once we were done with all the gifts, my dad looked at us and said that Santa must have forgotten our big present this year but then all of a sudden he turned around, looked outside and said “Wait is that Santa in our backyard?”…sure enough, there was “Santa” standing in the snow in our backyard next to this giant structure covered by a tarp. He waved and then pulled the tarp off to reveal the SICKEST backyard playhouse/jungle gym/pirate ship that has ever graced this earth. It was unbelievable..it had a captains chair with a big wooden steering wheel, and swings and slides and secret hideouts…needless to say I was the most popular kid in school with this beast in my backyard. The funniest part of the story is after Santa pulled the tarp off, he immediately turned around and bolted into the woods behind my house and disappeared. Found out years later it was my neighbor.”  -Pete L.

“When my twin brother Benjamin and I were 12 years old, our new stepfather, Bob, bought us brother and sister horses. They were pintos and I had the brother, whom I named Shoshone, to my brother’s Chipita. We rode them high into the bucolic San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado.  He was the best and biggest Chanukah gift I ever received!” -Thierry M.

“When I was 10, I received a brand new boombox, my first ever. It was probably the lowest possible model, but it had a CD player so to me it was equal to the greatest music system ever created. This was 1995, so I would be blasting everything from Ace of Base on the radio, to my first CD, the Dangerous Minds soundtrack. Age 10, rapping Gangsta’s Paradise, not a care in the world!” -Adam R

“So, my parents have been divorced for years, and one year I received an unexpected present from my father: A firetruck/police car/ambulance play kit, of about 80 pieces, made from the cheapest materials ever. Sure, I might have liked it if I was a little boy obsessed with cars and speeding lights, but alas, I preferred books to anything, and read a lot, and watched old movies. My mother and sisters were surprised, and kind of shocked. So that night, we all sat down on the kitchen floor and ripped ‘er open. And of course, had the funnest time smashing those ambulances, cop cars and firetrucks from the kitchen wall to the base boards of the cabinets. The funny thing was that each time a car would collide with the wood trim, or the refrigerator or a cabinet, it would smash into pieces on contact. Pretty cheap, but the best fun we had within 30 minutes. I think my father would cry if he knew. Best Wishes” – Mackenzie L.

“Has to be the old school tricycle my parents bought me when I was maybe 4. Had the big wheels, vintage bell and baby blue with gold stripe colour. Rode that thing until I was maybe 9, the parents tried everything to get me off it, even a couple of stunt bikes and everything else but it was all I wanted. Ironically when they painted it red one day as a surprise it killed it for me entirely, just didn’t have the same joi de vivre.” -Charles

“I must say that I had a hard time thinking of which one was the best gift I’ve received.  My joy usually comes when see the reaction I get when they receive the gifts I give them. So I had to think long and hard there were two that stand out but one was a birthday gift and so that wouldn’t count so it would come down to the item we all wanted in the 80’s.  That would be a Nintendo Gaming Console.  I remember going to my cousin’s house and playing it there.  Never wanting to leave or asking to stay over so that I could continue playing.  I think I would even leave crying and then begging for one.  My parents would say they didn’t have enough money or any typical parent excuse.  Then comes Christmas day and low and behold I got my own.  That made me the happiest kid there could be. After that it was all about defeating Bowser in the game.” -Luis L.

“The Oasis’ Definitely Maybe and (What’s the story) Morning Glory? boxsets. The first is the album that has changed my life forever; the second is the Oasis at its best. Got it from my first girlfriend in high school in 1996. Briefly after that, she threw them into a dumpster when we fought and, eventually, broke up. Now whenever I listen to the albums, youthful memories with full of joy and happiness flash–sometimes with regrets. -John T.

“When I was in the 4 th grade I became obsessed with electronics and understanding how things worked.  During the holidays my father gifted me an AM Radio Do It Yourself Kit.  You assemble a basic AM Radio and a small ear piece lets you listen to radio.  Sounds simple enough. After the 5 th day I became bored with listening to the local radio stations and decided to expand the radio ability by plugging certain components of the radio into the AC outlet in my wall.  This was a battery powered radio by the way. The next thing I know my parents are shaking me and I’m staring at the ceiling.  It turns out that I plugged a few things into the wall outlet, ignited the side of my bedroom wall with sparks and knocked myself unconscious.  My parents later on told me I had a wide smile on my face while I was knocked out and when I came to half of my eye brows were singed off. I went on the major in Computer/Electrical Engineering from college.” -Vin
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