As the new year begins in earnest today you will notice that some of your favorite retail websites have undergone a face lift. Take Banana Republic for example, their new home page now features a “What’s New” column with today’s date – “Modern stripes, dots, colors and more” is the main story for men. Trying to infuse a newsworthy element into a retail website is an interesting and challenging concept as it sets the company up for having to be ever-vigilant when it comes to content. And at the end of the day, Banana Republic is a clothing store. Their big marketing push is clearly their “brand new blog,” titled “The Republic,” on Tumblr. Clicking onto it takes the shopper to a clean, well laid out and subtle blog featuring beautiful photographs, model fittings and sketches. The  feeling of being behind-the-scenes is achieved, and time will tell how much “The Republic” helps to extend the loyal Banana Republic following while gaining recognition for their talented creative director, Simon Kneen.

The Republic on Tumbler, clean and classic:

“What’s New” for Him:



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