Vanity Fair’s annual “International Best-Dressed List” gets tons of press, despite being straight out boring and tame each year. How can you explain Justin Timberlake and Stavros Niarchos making the list? Maybe if it was “LA’s Best-Dressed-While-Going-Clubbing List,” but come on, you can do better. One person we’d add right up at the top would be the young manager of the F.C. Barcelona Football Club, Josep Guardiola. The 40-year old Spaniard shows that it’s not only possible to look super stylish while roaming the sidelines, but to also set the sartorial bar across Europe.

And to all you men out there who’s hair is thinning, Josep is the prime example of how to handle it with aplomb. His hair styles throughout the various stages of going bald look damn good.

Category: Fashion, Icons.

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