This past week Reyn Spooner held a press event in Manhattan to debut their Spring Summer 2012 collection. Reyn Spooner began way back in 1959 as a traditional men’s haberdashery in Waikiki, known then affectionately as “the Brooks Brothers of the Pacific.” Today the collection consists of bold patterns, iconic prints and killer board shorts that strike just the right balance between wear-ability and the spirit of Hawaiian surf culture. Under the creative direction of Gordon Thompson, the former head of design for Nike, the collection is well edited and worth a look. Check out the Reyn Spooner site to see more of the line.

One of the best items from the presentation. The shorter sleeve length and fitted silhouette makes the bold sailboat pattern modern:


Board shorts hung from a clothesline:

Close ups of the collection:

Vibrant pattern shirt shown with sunglasses by Garrett Leight:

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