Oprah showed up at Ralph Lauren’s 17,000 acre Telluride Ranch yesterday and took a much heralded ‘first time ever’ television look at the ridiculously opulent retreat. “Rustic Perfect” would best describe the property, with lassos, cowboy hats and pine cones predominantly on display, but alas no dirt or dust anywhere to be seen. The opening of the video is pretty funny, and also a little awkward, you can tell the producers thought it would look cool and natural if she arrived whilst Mr. Lauren was hanging out on top of his horse as if he wasn’t expecting her. He ends up giving her a stiff one handed shake instead of a that nice big hug that Oprah always expects. Wrapped up in a giant Navajo inspired jacket/blanket, her comments to Mr. Lauren seem a bit canned, with “We’ll done sir” standing out in particular. Mr. Lauren is a true American icon and his meticulous attention to detail is part of his genius. You’d think he might relax that obsession a bit way out west, but alas no luck.


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