John Varvatos, Men's Fashion Designer; Steven Kolb, PresidentCEO, CFDA


Today it was announced that top menswear designer John Varvatos will move his Spring 2016 runway show from Milan to New York for this summers inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s slated for July 13-16. This is a big coup for the CFDA, with Varvatos joining an already impressive line-up of designers scheduled to show, including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Collection, Billy Reid and hot new label Public School. Varvatos will close the men’s event with his show on Thursday, July 16th.


“From the time I started my brand in 2000, the timing between NYFW and the menswear calendar was never truly aligned,” said John Varvatos. “After eight years of showing in NY, I moved my show to Milan and gained a global audience.  We’ve shown there for the past seven years and it’s been a wonderful experience and a real boost for our international growth. Last month, we opened a store in my hometown of Detroit and we received such an overwhelmingly positive response that it made me want to bring the fashion show back to New York. I am very excited about coming home to help launch the first ever NYC menswear week!”


Steven Kolb, the debonair CEO of the CFDA, said, “John Varvatos is quintessentially American, a leading menswear brand, a global success, and the CFDA is proud to welcome John back home. Having him show during New York Fashion Week: Men’s solidifies our efforts and emphasizes the importance of New York City as an international influence on the business of menswear.”

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