Have you seen this video from Lanvin? It took off yesterday after Cathy Horyn of the New York Times gave it props via Twitter. I’m personally not a fan of Pitbull but this video is pretty damn good. The chorus is a rip off of one of my favorite songs growing up, when I first heard club music during a semester abroad in Paris in 1995 – “The Bomb” by the Bucketheads – a far superior song.

After getting back for my senior year at the University of New Hampshire, I made it the opening on my lacrosse team tape. You can imagine the push back I got from my teammates who were used to ACDC and Quiet Riot. We’d have a trainer run the tape up to a small booth at the top of the stands (mostly empty) and pop that sucker in. As we ran out onto the field to warm up, the tape would play, a funny tradition yes, but we took that shit seriously. Against Harvard, their team kind of stopped for the opening and looked up wondering what the hell they were listening to, then yelled out at the 50 second mark when one of the best drops of all time kicks in. Listen to it below and you can understand why it’s a classic. I had put “Fortunate Son” by Creedence next and that was also very well received by the boys in red. It must have spoke to them more than it did us.

And last thought on the Lanvin video: the description reads: “two gorgeous ladies are ready for a night on the town. Just as we believe they’re about to step out for the evening. They stand in position, fixate their eyes on their screen and on cue, start to groove to the music and sway their hips in sync…Suddenly, the scene switches up a bit and in comes their two male companions.” To claim that the bumbling dwarfs donning the men’s collection are actually dating Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmermann requires a complete suspension of disbelief. It would be more apt to describe them as bell hops who got into the wrong trunk of clothing.


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    LANVIN FW 2011 VIDEO GOES OFF | Style Ledger

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