You can second guess Justin Theroux’s motorcycle style all you like but his ride of choice is a can’t miss.  The BMW 800 GS is an on-road, off-road beast, and shows an appreciation for motorcycles that put functionality over form. But in this case, with the GS, you happily get both as it’s a great looking bike. GS stands for “Gelande Strasse” and translates to “Terrain” and “Street” in German. It’s built high and tough, ideal for New York city streets.

The rest of the look is less convincing. The jacket is an A+ but the bag made with safety pins and a sweatshirt is questionable. And anyone wearing a helmet like that clearly puts vanity over safety. That is a non Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet – commonly referred to as a “brain bucket” by members of the medical profession.  The star decal is kinda cool, the skull and bones decal on the other side, not so much. This is what the bike is truly meant for:

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    JUSTIN THEROUX & BMW | Style Ledger

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    JUSTIN THEROUX & BMW | Style Ledger

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