One of the wisest and wittiest men on the planet, Glenn O’Brien, has just released “The Style Guy” – a special edition magazine from GQ now available on newsstands. Promising “Foolproof solutions for looking your best and succeeding in the world,” the magazine goes well beyond the inner workings of your closet, covering everything from home design with “The 10-Step Guide to a More Stylish Pad,” to sex: “The only advice I feel qualified to give on sex is pretty basic: Stay out of trouble.” As GQ Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson writes: “Glenn connects you to a whole world of sophistication and authentic, lived-in experience, so that when you pose a very particular question—how many buttons, bro? what’s the wedding protocol? what do I do if I’m deeply attracted to pantaloons?—you get a thoughtful answer, yes, but you’ll almost certainly get more: knowledge that isn’t know-it-all-ness, expertise that isn’t confined to the closet but speaks to the yearnings of a larger life, and solid advice you can actually learn from.” Verdict: An absolute must read. $10.99, available on newsstands nationwide.

Mr. O’Brien:


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