Collaborating with ‘real’ people who are influencers is a big trend amongst the more savvy retail brands out there. Shooting a model straight-up for a campaign is becoming somewhat passe, especially in menswear where the evolving tastes of shoppers now puts authenticity and uniqueness over pretty pictures. For a great example, take a look at this smart partnership between Gant Rugger and photographer Noah Emrich, or NOVH. Gant was approached by NOVH and gave him artistic license to shoot a group of hand-picked friends who mean something in the fashion world, from bloggers and writers to photographers and one fashion student – all of course wearing Gant and looking cool on the streets of New York. These are not just NOVH’s friends, they are digitally super-connected individuals who have now become spokesmodels for Gant – most likely for free. Or maybe they got to keep the clothes. Brilliant. 

The point is that the quality of your marketing product is as important as the quality of your actual product. If you drop a rock into a pond it will ripple and be forgotten, if you drop a boulder in it will splash, turn heads and maybe even splash the people sitting on the opposite bank. As retailers approach the holiday season, is their digital plan a pebble or a brick? It’s a huge new business and I would recommend students entering college to dedicate part of their education to social marketing. You cannot imagine how many people I’ve spoken to within the industry who are looking to add talented social marketers – mostly twenty-somethings who know how to work Facebook like a video game, tweet like a tweener, shoot memorable photographs via Instagram and art direct the minimal beauty of Tumblr, all while being ok with the fact that their jobs never end at 6pm.

So kudos to Gant Rugger, for not only having a cool plan in place, but picking the right person to lead it, NOVH’s portfolio is as clever as it is genuine. To see the images on the Gant site, click here, or simply scroll down.


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