Club Monaco, meet the internet. For the past decade if you searched for their well priced, minimal American sportswear, you’d be met with a curiously lacking collection of campaign images. Which is all well and good for a start-up, not a successful brand with 69 stores across America and a solid presence overseas. Started in 1985 in Toronto, Club Monaco was acquired by by Ralph Lauren in 1999, which makes their slow start even more perplexing as Ralph is a giant when it comes to e-commerce. It did take decades to add a shopping feature, but thankfully they’ve nailed it. I recommend them for several categories: sport jackets, trench coats and trousers. The cut is slimmer than Banana Republic and the GAP, resulting in a more flattering all around look. For dress shirts, their 100% cotton Edward, $79, is a spring wardrobe essential. Available in a variety of colors including sky blue above. Anything remotely close to royal misses the mark. It’s an easy shirt, you can just throw it in the wash and let it hang dry.

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