Keeping your refrigerator well stocked with Grady’s Cold Brew during the upcoming summer months is not a bad idea. It just feels a bit off holding a cup of piping hot coffee while en route to the beach in flip flops. Here’s what makes it refreshingly different and is a good thing to know: cold brewing is a process in which coffee is brewed by soaking grounds in cold water overnight. After steeping, the coffee is then filtered to separate the grounds and silt from the liquid. This is an important difference from the typical technique that uses regular heat, as acids and oils are released leaving a bitter taste, even after being cooled down. One bottle of Grady’s provides enough coffee for 8 super smooth cups after you’ve blended the concentrate with milk or water. “New Orleans Style” denotes the inclusion of chicory in the recipe, adding a natural subtle sweetness and mellows out dark-coffee. $15 per bottle, available for order at gradyscoldbrew.


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